Ball analysis formula


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Ball analysis formula

Ball analysis formula The Teng ball has made a lot of money for many people. By trying only 1 player per day, it can generate a substantial income for you. Try to think simple. You play only one character for 10 days, 100 baht per day. You will get 1000 baht. If playing for 20 days, you will Get 2000 baht

And if you play for 30 days, you will get 3000 baht. This is just playing for one day. You can still make huge profits like this. If you play 5 characters a day, how much profit will be gained from placing bets? Not difficult to think

Just the income that has surpassed the income from regular work only And in order to make you benefit like this We will bring you to experience playing teng ball. That has a secret formula I can assure you that Guaranteed enormous profits ever.

Formula to analyze players football

Football analysis formula First of all, we have to look at the players to see if they have all the main players. How much has changed If the real football is suspended For various reasons, we shouldn’t play this pair because the result of the match can come in many forms liverpool


Extremely important in analysis Looking at the past performance, there must at least go down about 5 matches in the past to see how it was played. How weak in the house Along with looking at the statistics of all the past encounters, how they lost If you are not confident or have uncertain forms Can say that this pair, absolutely do not try

  • Analyze the ball to the home team.

Analyzing the ball, being a home team has a big advantage. Because every race, encouragement is important Being a home team gives an advantage. If choosing to play, should choose the team that is the home team will be the best. Although it is a weak team But when playing at home and in front of many of their football fans Certainly more powerful Ran to forget the death

  • Already relegated

A team that does not work well, bet money at all. Will become a team that makes you money when they are relegated And nothing to lose He will play better. And the other team will negotiate quite a price, such as 1.5 goals – 2.5 goals. Gambling on the team that has been relegated will give us a huge advantage. If bargaining for this price And if we play in the house too, then can say that straight away

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